14 Jun

Timekeeping is inevitable when you have a project that you should present the proceedings to the superiors or the authorities. For a project to be a success, you should keep time so that everything is ready within the allocated time. This means that you must employ or deploy or have some timekeeping solution which will enable you to track down how the project is going on. There are so many ways in which you can keep your project time tracking work so that you can make the ends meet. Below are a few ways that have been discussed in-depth on how to keep project time tracking and make it easier.

For you to track the time you must ration and document the number of hours taken to do away with a certain part of the project. Thus data that you are recording can be used to analyze the effectiveness and yield of the project. There are a number of methods that can be used to track time either manually, in advanced time tracking, or in project management software. While tracking time, it is not only important to record from the starting time to the end time of the hours worked but also the events finished.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using paper timesheets. They can be used where there is no internet and they are easy to use. Since it is the simplest way in which you can keep tracking time, all you need to do is to draft the task to be carried out, the starting time, and the ending time to enable you to get the exact time taken to finish the task. Its disadvantage is that it is prone to error since you can forget to enter some data such as the start time or the activity to be carried out. This can be difficult to maintain physical records.

Another method is the use of Excel spreadsheets. It is more vicious to use than paper timesheets. It saves time and the effort that you use to enter the data. It is more viable than the paper timesheets since its digital and, therefore, it can be backed up once it has been drafted and the template is used in other activities of the project. Using the digital excel spreadsheet, you can be able to generate reports without straining much. Manual time entering can be tedious and time-consuming since you will have to enter the data before you’re done. Also, it does not record the exact time.

Lastly, the time tracking software can be helpful since it records the exact time that activity takes place and also the time that it was done. This project management software allows an individual to start and stop a timer as an activity commences and stops. It is also advisable to make sure that before you start using this project management software, it corresponds to your budget and needs. It is good to choose software that is easy to use and also to manage. A software that is easy to program and user-friendly.

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